Prosperitas is a well-established debt collection company which was founded in the year 2000, and has been practicing in Pretoria for the past 19 years, focusing on the collection of overdue school fees.

Prosperitas is currently collecting debt on behalf of 585 schools and 217 other clients in all 9 provinces.

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Prosperitas is registered with the Council for Debt Collectors in terms of Act, 114 of 1998.

Prosperitas is a member of the following institutions:

  •     The Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools (FEDSAS)
  •     Association of Debt Recovery Agent (ADRA)

By utilizing our expertise, educators and governing bodies are detached from the conflict regarding the collection of school fees, so schools can now focus on the quality of education.  To promote quality of education, the schools need resources and funds to achieve their goals.

Prosperitas becomes an extension of the school that focuses on settling with the debtor rather than litigation.  We believe, however, that it is necessary to review the documents and processes already in the budget process so that everything is 100% correct from registration to final payment.  Prosperitas believes that is meaningful to outsource non-core services of which debt collection form an important part.

For us it is a priority at all times to provide a good and professional customer service to our customers and we can make a difference to the school's cash flow position.  Improve your school's cash flow drastically by using the skills of a school fees specialist who can collect your school fees quickly and without any conflict.

Prosperitas Business structure is as follows


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